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Why Dance?


While it comes as no surprise that most young men and women who study dance do not go on to the professional level, there are numerous benefits to a quality dance education. 


Critical thinking skills and improved self-confidence are developed through dance as students learn to overcome challenges, master new goals, and accomplish any task put before them with diligence and dedication. Dance keeps you physically fit, enhances coordination, develops a better understanding of spatial relationships and works both sides of the brain, which can improve a child's academic performance.


Dance is a great way to make friends who share a common interest. It builds invaluable social skills in a fun environment but more importantly, it is an opportunity for children to learn the importance of being a part of something bigger than themselves. Dancers learn to take turns, to share attention, and to cooperate with others as they work within a group. They learn to build successes as a team and not just as an individual. These are skills that will carry them through whatever challenges and opportunities life sends their way!

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