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Guidelines for Dance Attire and Etiquette



  • Only SOLID black leotards (free of colored bindings or designs) with ballet pink footed tights may be worn in all ballet classes. Students may wear tan or black tights for classes other than ballet. Convertible tights are recommended for lyrical class. Stirrup or footless tights may be worn but students MUST bring coordinating nylon socks to cover feet when shoes are worn. Wearing dance shoes without covering the feet breaks down the shoe causing it to wear out more quickly and also fosters bacteria and odor. 


  • Males should wear a solid black, gray, or white Under Armour (or Target equivalent) shirt with solid black jazz pants (thin white piping is acceptable) and long black nylon or cotton socks. Bal Togs, Body Wrappers, or other dance brand fitted solid shirts in white or black are fine.


  • Be sure to print your child’s name INSIDE of all shoes (NOT on the outside bottom of the shoe) with a permanent marker. 


  • Wear cover-up attire to and from the studio. Students should not arrive with only their leotard and tights on.


  • Street shoes are never allowed on studio floors. Please be sure never to wear dance shoes outside.


  • Hair should be worn in a secured bun or a manner that will keep hair away from the face and eyes and prevent it from falling down during class.


  • Only stud earrings may be worn during class. All jewelry including watches should be left at home or removed before entering class.

Class attire at the barre
DAUI dancer in class attire
DAUI boys dance too!
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