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Dance Artistry by Sonya Leigh

The Resident Dance Company of

Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc.


Purpose: To develop well-rounded dancers who can perform at the competitive level for personal fulfillment or as a step toward professional aspirations.


Attire: Students should be dressed only in attire stated in DAUI's dress code. When attending competitions and other civic events, dancers will wear Company attire or studio colors.


Focus: Technique, style flexibility, strength, endurance, stage presence, teamwork, and personal development in a cooperative, professional atmosphere.


Obligations: All members must attend scheduled rehearsals on time. Absences should be avoided as this hinders the progress of the individual as well as the company as a whole. Should an emergency arise, please have an adult call, write, or email to confirm your absence. As other people are affected, it is understood that company is a commitment from the date of acceptance through June of each season. Apprentice and novice members are expected to attend all competitions to support your fellow company members. You are also invited to attend workshop classes when available. Full members are expected to attend at least one (1) workshop and to participate in at least three (3) competitions per year. We typically rehearse three weekends per month. Dancers and parents are expected to check the calendar, keep up with all correspondence, and maintain a positive and supportive attitude through the year.

Join Our Winning Team of Competitive Dancers!

Dance Company auditions are held in late September or early October. Students who have been previously selected do not need to audition, but will attend for possible change in level on the team. Dancers who are new to the studio and interested in auditioning are encouraged to attend the summer workshop for early consideration.

"The Stage is Our Canvas"

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