COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Precautions
at Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc.

Guidelines for the 2021-22 Season

Dance Artistry Unlimited will begin our fall season on Monday, September 13th to allow students and parents an opportunity to adjust to the commencement of the new school year before adding dance to your weekly schedule. DAUI will continue to offer the hybrid dance program provided in the Spring of 2020 and the 2020-21 dance season. In-person participation will be limited to the numbers provided by state-mandates; an unlimited number of dancers may register and participate online at any time for each instructional level. Studio A is spacious enough to accommodate 12-15 dancers and maintain social distancing guidelines. Studio B can accommodate 5 - 7 dancers within guidelines. If numbers are reduced due to state mandates, the number of dancers allowed to attend class in person are adjusted accordingly and all others will need to participate online.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

While I am certainly looking forward to seeing everyone for a year that is closer to "normal", it is important that we work together and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of DAUI dancers, families, and staff. While you are enrolling to enjoy the art of dance, in our current conditions, safety will continue be a top priority at DAUI. I need everyone one to join me in following our safety protocols with diligence, as doing so can minimize the potential for illness - not just for those attending class, but for immediate and extended family as well. Please do not send your dancer to the studio if he or she has a fever, nausea, or other COVID-related symptoms; when in doubt, it is best that your dancer participate in class via live stream. Every person who enters the dance studio must adhere to all DAUI safety protocols. As life returns to "normal", it is important that dancers and parents not linger anywhere in the studio before or after classes. Students should arrive a few minutes before class and leave immediately following class. All rides must be arranged ahead of time to avoid “hanging out” in the building. Miss Sonya will make a concerted effort to ensure that dancers are dismissed on time to avoid unnecessary delays and overlap between classes. 



  • Students should make every effort to dress in class attire and put hair up before arriving at the studio, but dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside to avoid tracking dirt and germs onto the dance floor.

  • Students should bring a mask, water bottle and hand sanitizer to every class.

  • A mask must be worn (nose and mouth must be covered completely) when entering and leaving the studio. Students are expected to wear a mask while dancing and the mask must be worn anytime the dancer is outside of Studio A or Studio B.

  • A mask during dance instruction is OPTIONAL if your dancer is age 12+, fully vaccinated and can provide a COVID vaccine card. Please provide a photocopy of your dancer's vaccination card prior to his/her class to be kept on file by the studio.

  • Students should sanitize hands before and after each class as well as before and after barre work.

  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 2-3 feet from others at all times.

  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer each day that you attend class in-person.

  • There should be no sharing of dance items, food, drinks, etc., while at the studio.


  • Instruction and choreography will be provided without physical contact to reduce any potential risks. There will be no sharing of props and if items are used, they will be sanitized regularly.

  • Studio floors will be marked to indicate appropriate distancing from fellow dancers. Dancers will be reminded to space appropriately at the barre, center floor, and when traveling across the floor. No leaning on barres, walls, and other touch-points..  

  • Dancers must wear shoes when receiving instruction. Until further notice, white cotton socks should be worn instead of DancePaws for lyrical/contemporary classes. If a dancer forgets shoes, socks must be worn during class - no bare feet.

  • Students dancing at home should be in an area that avoids the possibility of breaking items or tripping over pets and household items. It should be away from family members, cell phones, and food/snacks, so that the dancer may focus on instruction and apply the critiques provided by the instructor.


  • DAUI will continue to use EPA approved cleaning items. An atomizer-UVA light sprayer has been purchased to sanitize all touch-point areas regularly. This includes, but is not limited to, door handles, the restroom, water fountain, benches, and the dance floors themselves.

  • A touchless hand sanitizer station is available to dancers during class. In addition, a touchless soap dispenser is now available in the bathroom. Each contains EPA approved anti-bacterial product.

  • Please dress in appropriate class attire, secure hair, and use the restroom BEFORE arriving for class. The dressing rooms and bathroom are for emergency purposes only and use should be avoided whenever possible.


  • The main door will remain locked at all times. Students must ring the doorbell and wait to be admitted. Parents are asked to wait outside or in your vehicle, unless your dancer is unable to prepare for class without your assistance. Please note that even the youngest students quickly learn to follow directions and prepare for class and dress for leaving independently after only one or two dance classes.

  • Anyone entering the studio must wear a mask. Distancing and mask reminders are posted in the lobby areas.

  • Wherever possible, avoid bringing siblings and other family members into the studio. If your dancer is old enough, you may park at the curb to drop off your dancer, but do not drive away until you have watched him/her walk safely inside.

  • Avoid touching walls and other items while in the studio. If you must use the water fountain or restroom, please use hand sanitizer immediately before and afterwards. 

  • If a dancer is found to have a temperature he/she will be sent home. Any temperature 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever. Your dancer is welcome to take class from home if a mild fever, cough, or other symptoms are of concern.

As always, your cooperation and understanding with the aforementioned information is greatly appreciated!

-Miss Sonya