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2024 Recital Program Cover


Liam Castellano of LSC Studios - Photographer & Videographer Richard Spano of Event Realization, Inc. - Sound Officer Jeremy Abrecht - VBPD & School Resource Officer @ SHS

Many Thanks To...

Ms. Carole Felton Mrs. Tracy Fearon Kelly Ann Gould Mrs. Helena Ashby Messer Mr. Kenneth Uribe Mr. Ryan Uribe Miss Scarlett Brooks Miss Mia Ziemba DAUI Class Mom's Salem High School Students Landstown Middle School Principal and Student Activities Coordinator The parents and students of Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc., for your time, effort, enthusiasm, willingness, and continued support. Also… Company members and parents for your time, dedication, and support.

The Storyline...

The DASL Dance Company Members are at their first National competition since the pandemic. As the team meeting begins, each dancer is silent, eyes-down, completely focused on his or her cell phone. Without a word, Miss Sonya adeptly snatches each hypnotizing device from the hands of it's child or teen hostage. As they stare at her with a mix of amazement, confusion, and despair, she glances around the room and says, "Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to learn a little about Board Games!"

Colored Theatre Lights

Bored Games

Concessions Available During Intermission

Vanilla Coke - Ginger Ale - Diet Lemonade - Gatorade Zero - Dasani Water

Lays Potato Chips (plain) - Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn -  Famous Amos Cookies

***No food or drink in the auditorium. Please consume all purchases in the lobby during our 20 minute intermission.***

Thank you for supporting Miss Sonya and Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc.

The 2024 Members of Dance Artistry by Sonya Leigh
The Resident Dance Company of Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc.

Auditions are held each year, typically on the last weekend of September. Most of this year's team performed in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Harrison Opera House, with the State Ballet of Ukraine and under the direction of Mr. Artem Yachmennikov in December of 2023 in addition to competing.

Congratulations on an amazing season together!

-Miss Sonya

Headshots by Mr. Liam S. Castellano of LSC Studios, Staging/poses by Miss Sonya Leigh McGee of Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc.


Overall High Score Duet/Trio - Recreational Category
Highest Scoring Duet/Trio of the Day

StarLand Dance Competition

Anaya - Emma - Imani

December 19th, 2024 @ The Harrison Opera House
Mr. Artem Yachmennikov, Audition Director
Snow White (1).jpg

Members of Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc. performed at the Harrison Opera House with The State Ballet of Ukraine. A huge thank you to Mr. Artem Yachmennikov, his wife, Ekaterina Vaganova-Yachmennikova, and the cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Don't Let Your Dancer Miss the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Perform with The State Ballet of Ukraine

For details, move to the Audition page under the "Events" tab on this website.

Want to know more?Contact Miss Sonya...

Dance Artistry Unlimited, Inc..

4221 Pleasant Valley Road

Suite 116 & 117


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